12.1.0 HITL error


I migrated from 12.0.7 to 12.1.0.

If I try to access the HITL module, I get this error:
00:27:16.101 Launcher Unhandled Rejection [error, select * from (select max(id)
as mId, “session_id”, count(*) as count from “hitl_messages” group by “session_i
d”) as “q1” inner join “hitl_messages” on q1.mId = “hitl_messages”.“id” inner jo
in “srv_channel_users” on srv_channel_users.user_id = “hitl_sessions”.“userId” i
nner join “hitl_sessions” on q1.session_id = “hitl_sessions”.“id” where “botId”
= $1 order by “hitl_sessions”.“last_event_on” desc limit $2 - missing FROM-claus
e entry for table “hitl_sessions”]


Hi @lampyon-canada, that seems to be an issue with a specific Postgres database. We’re gonna fix this soon in another release. A workaround for now is using sqlite, but it’s not the best option.