Access delay action values in a secured Converse API call

Hi there!

I want to use the values that I setted in Delay action outside Botpress, let’s say, a NodeJS app.

I can retrieve the JSON with the Dropdown info, but how can I have the action’s values?

Thanks in advance!

I think that the answer for my question is here

using this line:

POST /api/v1/bots/{myBotId}/converse/{uniqueUserId}/secured?include=state

to access what I want .

But I don’t figure out how to authenticate/secure this requisition.

How can I secure this request in order to make it works?

Ok, I discovered that I must to send a POST request to BP’s server to get my authentication.

To test it, I used Insomnia to make the requisition - off course, I used the same credentials that I use to login at BP’ server:
http://localhost:3000/api/v1/auth/login/basic/default {email=myEmail’, password=‘myPassw’}

But Insomnia returns “Email and Strategy are mandatory

Any clue?

Thanks a lot!