Action Parameter

I am new to bot-press and learning all the basics, can anyone please tell me how the action parameters work and how do we decide to add them, what parameter and where; there are very fewer video tutorials available, it will be great if I get some quick response from the community.

@Suvrat: Welcome to the community. I have been a Botpress developer for more than a year now and have faced similar challenges, which led me in creating a blog focused on Botpress tutorials.

To answer your question, please take a look at the below tutorial, if you like then please follow me on my website to get more updates.

how much time it could take for a person to learn all about botpress… 30 days? 20 days? or less ??

@Suvrat It depends on person to person and also on what a person wants to learn in Botpress (flow design, NLU understanding or contribute to it’s code base). I could deploy a production ready bot in almost 9 months (again, this is specific to my requirement).

I would say start doing some POC according to your Bot’s requirement and keep learning on the way. Botpress is an excellent on prem bot development framework, but then it totally depends on your requirement.