Add multiple language

I want to add Arabic language in my existing bot.
I added translate_text file in data->global->content-types->extensions->translated_text.
But when I add language module in data->bots->bot.config.json file and restart the botpress it gives the error and does not show any content.
I am facing this error Async request error Content type “translated_text” is not a valid registered content type ID [Error, Content type “translated_text” is not a valid registered content type ID]
Why this is happening so?Whats the solution for this?
I am following this link

Hi Nabiha-Yaseen,

Are you using the community or pro edition?

The ability to have multiple languages set at the same time is a pro feature.
In the community edition, you can only set 1 language per Bot.

I’m sorry the i18n makes that very unclear.


I wanted to know a bit about the multilanguage features, will we need to provide the translated responses for every language of will the NLU translate it to the necessary language?

To use the multi-language feature on a bot you need to have the pro-edition of botpress.

We are using a translater middleware to get the full potential of NLU. The dataset is a lot better in English.

if a user sends an input in arabic and we have the response in english, is it possible by the pro version to translate the response to arabic and then send it to the user?

This Translation process is invisible for the end user. Normally you built your flow in your language (Arabic in your case) and you will not notice the translation process. You don’t need to use any translation system.

sorry but i did not mean that,

I have created a flow and responses in only english
if a user sends input in arabic is it possible for botpress pro version to translate the predefined english responses to arabic?

Botpress doesn’t have a language detector by default. When the language bot is defined it cannot detect other language than the one set in the bot.


What you can do to overcome this issue is to use a hook. A hook is a piece of code that run in a specific place on every event. Probably you could use the google API translator to check is the current language is in English. If the language is not in en translate the code a pass it to the rest of the code.

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Could you create a new post in the Forum? I don’t want to polluted this thread with other element that are not related the multiple language. :slight_smile:

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I did that Cognitive search (using the chatbot to search content of already available documents) - #3 by rezwanahmed
as people were active here so I posted it here to get a quick response

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