All conversation datas are saved in memory or database?

Hello everyone, please help me !
I’m not clear until after finished reading documentation ! I want to know that conversation datas are saved in memory or database ? i see every conversation datas in database table . I’m so confused .
and i don’t know how to connect with Redis according documentation :frowning:
thank you all ,

Hi @Maria_Maria,

Conversations are indeed saved in the database: web_messages has all the replies, but you will also find them in the payload of the events tables. What are you trying to do? Please describe your use case.

About using Redis, you need Botpress Pro enabled, which requires a license. Request a demo for more information on this.

Happy Building :robot:


When skill choice ends flow in Facebook channel without any response, i search why .and i found this link related with it , i’m not sure ! this said to use reddis .

And according to your reply , Redis can be use with Botpress Pro ? If so ,How should i get demo ?
or any solution for skill choice ends flow?

Thank you

Hi @Maria_Maria,

For a Demo, see my earlier link :
Indeed, with Botpress Pro you will be able to use Redis with Postgres and create multiple Botpress nodes that will communicate with them.

For the skill choice, I’ll answer in your other post.

Thank you for your interest in Botpress!