Angular 8 & BotPress

Hi, I’m new in Botpress.

How can I connect with angular to my flow in Botpress.
I have my own webChat UI.

Please, any advise will help.

Thank you

Hey @andrei

You can find instructions to embed your Chatbot in a webpage here

Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

Hi @spgin

Thank you for your answer.
Maybe it’s a stupid question and I’m sorry about that.

I success to show the Botpress chat window in my angular page.

But I have my own chat screen.
I need some how to send request with my botId.
With my message and reseive the answer from Botpress.
After that I’ll insert it to my object and show it in my chat window.

Is it possible?
Do I need to import something to Angular module?

Thank you very much.

Yes that is totally possible. I’m not familiar with Angular though.
You will have to find a way to integrate the Botpress chat window in your Angular components.

I’m sorry I can’t help you more with this.

Exactly, I am also in same place where you are in…

@andrei , Found any way out?

I see that this hasn’t been answered. You can hack around with the converse api :v:

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