Auto scroll to bottom on single choice

I’ve run into an issue where when my bot offers a single choice to the end user it covers up the message prompting the choice (depending on how many there are).

This is rather inconvenient from the end user’s perspective and I was wondering if there was a way to have the bot auto scroll to the bottom after the choices are presented, similarly to how it auto scrolls to the bottom when the bot sends a response to the end user.

I scoured through the documentation but I wasn’t able to find anything directly related to this.


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Yeah I’m having the same issue and quite confused/annoyed when it does come up. Would also love a resolution to this problem.

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This is the most absolutely annoying problem and we simply cannot keep a) changing the single choice element to bp11.x b) fixing the code or c) shoving unnecesary spaces at the end of a single choice question. These are the only workarounds and are a very unnecesary and annoying waste of time as we jump between versions. I really expected this to be sorted out sooner. On the PC & android devices it works fine but on ios devices it comes out like this:


Very poor UX design and a pain to fix permanently as you have to rebuild everything that’s if you cloned and didn’t download the binary which is way worse to fix.

Is there any solution to this? It’s a real blocker… @DigiSenseiZim , I’d be really grateful if you could let me know if you’ve managed to fix some of the code manually (or any other solution than adding spaces…)

Hi friend,
same issue is with me also. But the issue was with using of flexbox for chat window. Adding overflow-y: auto; in .bpw-msg-list-container class in my custom css , the issue was resolved.
refer link: