Bot Icon Failing to Pop Up

Hi all,

My chatbot is on botpress version 12.25.0. My chatbot is successfully embedded onto a website but the icon fails to pop up at times. I have managed to figure out that the default event “webchatLoaded” is not being properly received in order to inject the chatbot icon. Let me know if you have encountered this issue and what solutions you took to get the icon to pop up.


Hie @vi.nguyen

This problem seems novel to you. On which platform you are running your chatbot from and the nature of your link to the public URL. Problems identical to yours seem to occur mostly on cloud infrastructure or connections tunneled via ngrok.

Hi Michael @Michael_BotpressTeam ,

Thanks for responding.
You can check out my chatbot here: Sign In

This is a public chatbot that deals with registration, user and password help. This chatbot is on a live site.

The problem started to occur after we upgraded from 12.21.1 to 12.25.0. I have scoured the documentation for website embedding and there seems to be no difference.

We use nginx for our reserve proxy and we are trying to move to cloud but not there yet.

Let me know if you need more information and thanks for your help.

I integrated the chatbot on my mediawiki 10 minutes ago, and I had a similar problem with a javascript error asscoiated with it. For now, I used a settimeout in js but I will take a look on the following days to see what is going on.