Bot press installation environment

What are the server configuration required if I need to create a chatbots service and dockerize the same to use it form xamarin forms mobile application?

Is docker Image is available for Windows and Linux platform?

To use the chatbots developed in Botpress what are the server configuration required?

Hey @pmfawas,

You can find instructions on how to run Botpress using Docker here. If I’m understanding correctly, you want to create a shared Docker image for both your Botpress installation and your Xamarin Forms app. However, I’m not sure why you would want to do that. Can you provide more background on your specific use case?

As for the Docker image being compatible on Linux and Windows, the answer is yes. The image was built with Windows and Linux compatibility in mind.

Finally, I understand that you would like to know what are the hardware requirements to host Botpress. You can find more information on the topic here.

Hope this helps!