Botpress 12.5.0 on windows 64 bit

I attempted to upgrade to 12.5 on my Windows machine today, but I found that the server was extremely slow. Every request and navigation within the UI was hitting the default timeout. Have others seen the same thing? Is this a known issue? Is there any logging I can provide that would help the dev team?

@nathanielgranor I checked 12.5.0 delivery on Windows 10 and everything is fine.

Can you check if you have errors in browser console? Are the requests to localhost? I.e. network issues should be excluded.

I am getting a different issue. I installed on Windows Server 2012 64 bit, ported an existing bot and whenever I try to zoom a flow (Mozilla/Chrome/IE) I get a blank page. The flow comes up fine but on zoom using mouse scroll everything disappears

EDIT Same behaviour when I try selecting a node, adding a node or basically doing anything else on the flow GUI (The one with the tiny squares). I restarted the server and then restarted Botpress server now but with no joy. :roll_eyes:

This is on localhost so not network issues per se.
I seem to have figured out what was going on.

Before, I was running 12.5.0 against a local lang and duckling server. I was accidentally running an older version of bp for the lang server so i’m guessing that was what was causing 12.5.0 to fail to respond to any requests at all. Now that I’ve updated my script to start the lang server using 12.5.0 things seem to have returned to normal for the most part…

The one issue I’m still seeing (and did see before) is that when I initially import my bot into 12.5.0 and then click on the bot to go to the Studio UI, the first load is taking 5-10 minutes. I’m guessing this is bp building language models and becoming unresponsive. That seems like a bug. Ideally the UI should show some sort of “processing” indication to make it clear what is going on. I have reproduced the long first-load issue with both my local lang server and the online server.

Also, any suggestions on optimizations to speed up language model building?

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@DigiSenseiZim have you tried to wait long enough?

And would you mind sharing your website (or bot) so that others can have a look.