Botpress Channel Web config

Anyone, please help me to know how to disable these buttons on the BP channel-web widget?

Hey @Nghia_Nguyen

You can find the full configuration here:

For your needs, you can set the

  • enableReset
  • enableTranscriptDownload
  • showConversationsButton

variables to false.

Thank you so much. :handshake:

Hello @Nghia_Nguyen, may I know which file did you made the configurations to disable those buttons?

@anarchylife98 try /botpress/data/assets/modules/channel-web/inject.css

And there’s a good tip from @abhisheksimon:

		host: 'http://localhost:3000',
		botId: 'botId',
		hideWidget: false,
		enableReset: false,
		enableTranscriptDownload: false,
		disableAnimations: false,
		useSessionStorage: false,
		showPoweredBy: false,
		enableResetSessionShortcut: false
		showPoweredBy:false,extraStylesheet: '/assets/modules/channel-web/default-emulator.css'

this is my setting of channel web.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Nghia_Nguyen Thank you very much. It works.

@LuizCesarLeite Thank you for the tip as well.

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