BotPress issues with Entity when intents are added

I am facing issue while adding entities in BotPress. It only happens when I already have intents added.

So when I try to add first entity let’s say email and provide custom regex pattern for that. Then I try to add another entity for mobile and also provide custom regex patter for that. Now what is happening both entities shows same regex in the BotPress UI.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 2.57.27 PM

Also I am uploading Video for the same, that will have you to understand the exact issue.

Hi @darshit261991,

Welcome to Botpress’s Community Forum, hope you will share your experience with us!

About the issue you are describing, this is simply a matter of the UI not updating the contents between selections, you’ll find I opened an issue on GitHub about this:

Simply switch to a list entity or an intent, then reload the entity you want to review, their current pattern and examples will be shown correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Happy Building :robot:

Hi @Maxime_Joannette

Thanks for your warm welcome & will definitely share my experience.

I tried still facing the issue. Let me try to download latest release of Botpress & Try in that if that solves the problem.


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Note that this is not fixed yet, the issue is still open :wink:
Switching pages is simply a workaround to “force-reload” the UI.


Even that has not fixed. Either I gets two entity with same pattern or I get them as blank.

Just one question does it work in correct way during run time?


In this case I suggest you open up the .json files themselves to validate they have the right patterns saved. If they do, it will work as expected at runtime.

Yes .json files looks good. They have respected patterns, but still I checked it was not working as expected during runtime.

In this case, I suggest you open an issue on GitHub so the developers look into this pattern, it might be an edge case that was overlooked.


Sure I will do that. Thanks