Botpress NLU intent selection not working

I have created a user selection based flow if suppose users gives answer based on subscription. It goes for subscription otherwise it goes for no option selected and ends the flow.

But, it always goes for no option selected. I have added intents as per given in the screenshot.

I will be thankful if someone can help me on this.

Hi @bhaskar

From your screenshot it is not clear how are you detecting the intent from the user input? If you could elaborate on the user inputs that will be better.

As a new bot press user, in my limited understanding the detection of intent is performed by the NLU. We have to aid this by performing slot tagging. I can see that you have not created slots. May be you can consider slot creation.


Hi @bhaskar,

@Vishwa is right about the user input part. I’m missing some information on your screenshot to better help you understand what’s going on.

I strongly suspect your bot is not working because you have not trained it. Just click on the Train Chatbot gray button in bottom right corner. This should make it work.

For the next time, please add the input (what you actually said to your bot) in the screenshot and send us a copy of the debug payload information.

You’ll find this debug payload by opening your debugger and navigating to ‘raw json’:

In this case, I would have need the nlu part of the payload to help you debug.

Then again, I’m pretty sure you only have to train your chatbot to make it work.

Thanks for contributing to this forum.