Botpress Windows

Good afternoon
guys I’m starting now in this world and I can upload the version of heroku by downloading using the visual code, but I can’t do the same with the windows version does anyone know any way for me to upload the windows botpress version to heroku or some leave it online to use on some website

thank you Wilao

ps: sorry for the bad english

Hi @Wilao,

I would advise you to use the linux version on servers as most of them run ubuntu or debian.

Furthermore, to deploy on heroku you will need to do it with our sources and our tutorial .

You can also use a quick deploy here.

I hope it helps,
Have a great day and happy building :robot:

Hi @Wilao , best approach will be to go for docker based deployment. You may follow a well documented tutorial here → GitHub - fosslectures/botpress-heroku: This project is intended to deploy Botpress chatbot on Heroku cloud using docker image.