Can I download chat history?

I want to check my user’s chat history in order to know the bot performance and resolve uncovered conversation flows.

Is there a way to do it?

I upgraded to Botpress 12.3.3 and my History-button on the left is also gone. Is there a way to reinstall the history module? I’d appreciate any kind of help.

You may use emulator inside ui-studio, that has download button(check arrow on screen)


Thanks a lot. But I was rather looking for an entire history of conversations with the users. Not just the one I did within the “Emulation” window myself. I used to have this before upgrading to 12.3.3. A conversation history would be very helpful to identify user interactions that need to be optimized…

Which Botpress version has history?

I used to have 12.2.2 or 12.2.3 before upgrading. This version had a “History” button on the left within the backend which allowed me to view all conversations that have taken place via the web-channel or via telegram. This button is now gone in version 12.3.3

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Well, I’m not sure, where to find that button.
Instead I may propose to use 2 requests for specific user(USER_ID may be extracted for ex. from

  1. GET /api/v1/bots/BOT_NAME/mod/channel-web/conversations/USER_ID could return list of all convs for specific user
  2. Take all conversations IDs from previous request, then just GET /api/v1/bots/BOT_NAME/mod/channel-web/conversations/USER_ID/CONV_ID for each conv to get data.

Dear @Anton_Trofimov,

thanks for this suggestion. But this seems still rather complicated in order to go through conversations and find the ones that need a revision of the bot’s responses.
There used to be a possibility as shown in this screenshot:

A little clock on the left that allowed to view user interaction histories.
However, the underlying github page does not provide information on how to install this feature, and I have absolutely no clue how I managed to get it before I upgraded to 12.3.3 :-/

It’s seems to be custom module, not one from BP defaults.
Try to check your botpress.config.json modules section to understand, is there anything non-standard?

It was available till 12.1.3 then was removed by this commit.

I guess one of Botpress team could be able to explain why it was removed.

Dear @asashour
Thanks so much, your hint saved my day!
For everybody else who experiences this problem: I just tried several versions.
The history seems to work until 12.2.3 - I just downgraded to this version and now it works perfectly.

@asashour @Anton_Trofimov @jonorozcoc
I just found a perfect workaround even working with the most current version (12.3.3):

  • Get the history.tgz file from a prior version’s module folder, e.g. 12.1.3
  • Copy this file into your module-directory
  • Modify botpress.config.json by adding the following lines:

“location”: “MODULES_ROOT/history”,
“enabled”: true

  • restart botpress

From then on, it should be working also in more recent versions. Have fun.


@asashour @Stoevne History module is still experimental and needs more reflexion and more testing. I’m happy you guys found a workaround but keep in mind that this module is not published and is subject to changes.

In 2 months from now we should have decided what we do with it.
Thanks for supporting this project :muscle:

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@EFF has there been any decisions or headway made on the history? I build chatbots for multiple clients and this is a feature that they want/need.


Hello @EFF I was wondering if there is any update on this matter?
I have a problem that botpress doesn’t download the whole conversations but only some parts of them. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Hie @Sara_Reece, I feel your pain here. A history module is a handy tool for analyses, audits, and recon. I am sure that our engineers will carefully consider bringing back the history module since it already exists. I have opened a Github issue requesting that it’s added back. Feel free to comment under that issue, further highlighting why it is essential and suggesting improvements you feel would be helpful.

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Thanks, I will also need it ASAP.

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yeah, looking for the same, without this is hard to know what the users are writing to provide them a better bot

@Stoevne hello, I’ve tried in the last version but nothing appears, do you have it updated? I’ve also read that you can also see it in HITL but that’s not properly working, there’re missing answers, the historical data is repeated several times per conversation… is a bit of a mess to work with that

Hie @Tronne, the History module in its current state is not working and needs a revamp to function in the latest release of Botpress. Please be guided accordingly.