Can I download chat history?

I want to check my user’s chat history in order to know the bot performance and resolve uncovered conversation flows.

Is there a way to do it?

I upgraded to Botpress 12.3.3 and my History-button on the left is also gone. Is there a way to reinstall the history module? I’d appreciate any kind of help.

You may use emulator inside ui-studio, that has download button(check arrow on screen)


Thanks a lot. But I was rather looking for an entire history of conversations with the users. Not just the one I did within the “Emulation” window myself. I used to have this before upgrading to 12.3.3. A conversation history would be very helpful to identify user interactions that need to be optimized…

Which Botpress version has history?

I used to have 12.2.2 or 12.2.3 before upgrading. This version had a “History” button on the left within the backend which allowed me to view all conversations that have taken place via the web-channel or via telegram. This button is now gone in version 12.3.3

Well, I’m not sure, where to find that button.
Instead I may propose to use 2 requests for specific user(USER_ID may be extracted for ex. from

  1. GET /api/v1/bots/BOT_NAME/mod/channel-web/conversations/USER_ID could return list of all convs for specific user
  2. Take all conversations IDs from previous request, then just GET /api/v1/bots/BOT_NAME/mod/channel-web/conversations/USER_ID/CONV_ID for each conv to get data.

Dear @Anton_Trofimov,

thanks for this suggestion. But this seems still rather complicated in order to go through conversations and find the ones that need a revision of the bot’s responses.
There used to be a possibility as shown in this screenshot:

A little clock on the left that allowed to view user interaction histories.
However, the underlying github page does not provide information on how to install this feature, and I have absolutely no clue how I managed to get it before I upgraded to 12.3.3 :-/

It’s seems to be custom module, not one from BP defaults.
Try to check your botpress.config.json modules section to understand, is there anything non-standard?

It was available till 12.1.3 then was removed by this commit.

I guess one of Botpress team could be able to explain why it was removed.

Dear @asashour
Thanks so much, your hint saved my day!
For everybody else who experiences this problem: I just tried several versions.
The history seems to work until 12.2.3 - I just downgraded to this version and now it works perfectly.

@asashour @Anton_Trofimov @jonorozcoc
I just found a perfect workaround even working with the most current version (12.3.3):

  • Get the history.tgz file from a prior version’s module folder, e.g. 12.1.3
  • Copy this file into your module-directory
  • Modify botpress.config.json by adding the following lines:

“location”: “MODULES_ROOT/history”,
“enabled”: true

  • restart botpress

From then on, it should be working also in more recent versions. Have fun.


@asashour @Stoevne History module is still experimental and needs more reflexion and more testing. I’m happy you guys found a workaround but keep in mind that this module is not published and is subject to changes.

In 2 months from now we should have decided what we do with it.
Thanks for supporting this project :muscle:

@EFF has there been any decisions or headway made on the history? I build chatbots for multiple clients and this is a feature that they want/need.