Can't access postback carousal payload

First what is the purpose of postback in carousal ? . Secondly how can I access payload of this event ?

I use JSON.stringfy(event.payload) , I get payload object inside event payload but I can’t access it even if I use JSON.stringfy for this inner object , when I used it I get “[object object]” .

How can I access it ?

Hey @ashrafateef !

The purpose of the postback in the Carousel is to send custom data to the server when a user clicks on a Carousel button. You can create a hook that will react to the data sent by the Carousel.

You can find a good example of postback in this post: Go to specific node depending on button pressed in carousel

Let me know if you have more questions!

Hey @spgin sorry for late response , I will try this and back to you

@spgin I got this when I typied : console.log(event.payload.payload)

What I need to access the title and sub title of of any card in carousal

it was misunderstanding , solved :+1: