Can't make it working "on failure" for choices

As in Welcome Bot, I tried to add a custom node with a response for user choices that are wrong. It does not work, the node that “on failure” points to is simply never executed.

I also tried to remove the “on failure” on a choice and add an “otherwise” (not sure about the difference), but it does not work too. My workaround for now is to check “Repeat choices on invalid choices” in Advanced choice options.

Hey Marco,

Can you attach an exported version of your bot and specify which Botpress version you are using? I wasn’t able to replicate your issue!


  • Charles

Hi, I created a minimal example. I’m using 12.12.1 on Ubuntu (I downloaded the binaries from the Botpress website).

Hey Marco,
Please have a look at the following video:

By default the choice skill will allow for 3 attempts by the user to ask for a valid choice before the onfailure transition is called. To change the settings:

  • select the choice skill node
  • click edit skill
  • go in the advanced tab
    You may change the number of allowed retries and wether or not to repeat the available choices after each retry

Hope that answers your question!


  • Charles

Hi, I already adopted this workaround, but I wanted a response too. I noticed that 12.13 is available now for Linux: I downloaded it and I’m able now to add an automatic response on retry.

Anyway it’s strange that on failure works for the Welcome Bot and not for an empty bot.

Hi Marco, I have the same problem and I’m on version 12.20, it doesn’t make sense. have you found that it could be?