Check if the mail sever is working

Hello. I faced with the issue when my smtp server was unavailable. I got an error

How can I handle it before it cause crash of my dialog? Because I had a a freezing of answers from bot.

Hi @ulizhak , can you please provide me with more details in regards to the send_email action? A screenshot may be beneficial.

Also from what I can see, you’re trying to make a call to fetch information from your smtp server if I’m not mistaken. How can botpress access that server if it’s down ? I think that could be the reason why you’re getting errors.

No I’m not trying to call my smtp. I don’t know how to do it. This is what I need to know, this is want to do. I need to check is server available or not before using it in send email node.

  1. I open the dialog
  2. Doing check of my smtp availability (how I can do it?)
  3. If available ok
  4. If not I will show the message

So, any help? Can anyone help me?

Hie @ulizhak,

Would you mind trying and following the documentation for the email skill. As soon as you have a connection to your email server, you can easily set up the workflow from your studio interface.