Clean conversation window

Hi all, i have a question, how we can clean the content on the window when reset button pushed.
I’ve found the place where it should be, but i don’t know how to clean it.

Hi there!

If you open the debugger window you will be able to create a new session which will wipe out all content.

The “New session” button is represented by the little cycle/swap image in the following picture:

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but this is not that i want.

I mean after reset conversation i want to clean window. I delete history form database, but also i need to update this iframe.(There is shouldn’t be any messages)

@AVoronovEY Maxime’s solution is definitely the best for what you are trying to achieve. It creates a new user id and sets a new context for the webchat.

if you clear messages from the database, then only reloading the page should do the trick, since conversations are fetched from the database.

Reset the conversation only clears the current dialog state with the bot. I understand what you are trying to achieve, but it will require two steps.

Simplest solution would be to switch to a different conversation, and fortunately there is a simple trick to switch to a brand new conversation when refreshing the page. Edit data/global/config/channel-web.json and set startNewConvoOnTimeout = true and recentConversationLifetime = "0s". Everytime you refresh the page, you’ll get a new conversation, and can access past ones in the Conversations tab