Clear rows of postgres database within Botpress

Hello everyone. I have a bot deployed to heroku and currently utilizing Heroku’s free tier. Is it possible to add a configuration to clear table rows (such as web_messages, web_conversations) automatically instead of manually connecting to the postgres database and deleting them because I wish to remain within the free tier limit? If so how do I do it? Thanks in advanced.

Hi @anarchylife98,

Would this feature fit your need? If so, it will soon be available.

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Hello @frank_levasseur. I was thinking of a setting in the global configuration to automatically clear table rows (something like a cronjob) instead of a button.

I’m sorry but I don’t think this feature exists. The only way to acheive this would be to code it yourself.

If you ever feel inspired to write some code, you could acheive what you want by following these steps:

1 - make a custom module.
2 - declare a janitor function thats cleans the tables you want.
3 - In your custom module, when server starts (use the onServerStart callback), initiate a setInterval function that calls your janitor function at given interval.

This should work.

Feel free to post on this forum if you have any other question.


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