Cluster Studio executable not found

I installed Botpress and created 3 bots yesterday. Today, while I am able to open the main dashhoard, I cannot open the studio editor. Its gives me the error “Error occured while trying to proxy: localhost:3000/studio/test/” where test is the bot name. The bp log shows the cluster studio executable not found (see pic below) . How do i reinstall it?

Any assistance please. I was starting to like botpress…not given up yet


Hello @mwenesi,

Thanks for posting on the forum. Good to have you onboard. I will try me best to help you solve your problem :slight_smile:

Can you check inside the bin folder inside the botpress-12v_23_0-win-x64

$ ls 
$ cd bin
$ ls 

Do you have the following file



Running as administrator

Have you tried to run botpress as the administrator?

I’ve just figured out the problem. the studio.exe file was being quarantined by the antivirus.

I have un-quarantined it, so the problem is solved.

Thanks Daehli

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