Conditional buttons

Looking for a way to define a Choice Skill (series of buttons) where each button only shows if a condition is true.


User is presented with 3 buttons: Red, Green, or Blue.

If they choose Red, then a message regarding Red would be sent, and then the flow would loop back to the previous Choice node, but the “Red” button would no longer show.

Otherwise, it seems we would need to build out a node and Choice set for every possible combination (imagine with just 4 buttons, 14 permutations of button sets would be required).

Thank you!

One way that I can think of is instead of using the skill-choice in the flow editor, you could send the dropdown or buttons programmatically using an Action. You will need to combine replyToEvent and renderElement together to achieve this.

Thank you. So this would require coding and wouldn’t be completely doable just through the UI editor?

@sylvain do you have any examples of how this would be accomplished? Thanks very much.