Confusion on OpenSource vs Enterprise

Hi all,
I have few questions:

  • I am looking to provide bot services to a small client for now , the question is as we have open source available so is there any draw back in using open source, are there any limit of number of requests per hour/day/month etc?
  • Can I earn some while using open source?
  • Why I should go for enterprise?
  • For enterprise, can I calculate costing some where?


Hi @Talha_Iftikhar thanks for posting on the forum !

There are no drawbacks for using open source, you just have a bit less features than the enterprise edition. I invite you to check our pricing page where the differences are listed.

You should go for enterprise if you want the enterprise features listed here

For enterprise pricing you should contact our sale team.

I also link @jbperron which you can talk with for more detail about going enterprise.

Happy building :robot: !