Content Editor Suggestions

In cognisance of the fact that you guys are actually redesigning the UI of the studio (to be honest I thought it was just a marketing ploy until I saw the QnA redesign), why don’t you also relook at the content manager

  1. Allow us to make global changes. For instance when changes to I shouldn’t have to go to the backend .json file to change that. What if I am making the bot for someone shooting it somewhere I can’t access and they ask for that change. Do I then have to change manually from the content editor?

  2. Search sucks. If I search for something with more than eight-characters, no results are displayed.

  3. Just display the whole body of text for the content already. We hate pop-ups for simple things. I know they come in handy when the content has alternates and when you want to change this=ngs like showing markup etc but at least one should be able to read the whole thing at first glance.

  4. Max number of rows 100? Seriously? The smallest bot I ever made has 412 content elements. I wanna see them all as I do in QnA

  5. We all know that you can write HTML on a text content element and it renders beautifully (provided you write it well sic). Create standards for that and you have helped many. Currently, I only use custom components on Facebook while I just stick in HTML for the web bots.

That’s my two pennies

Hello DigiSenseiZim !

Thank you for your input, it’s so valuable for me to have direct contact with experienced user such as yourself.

I recently joined Botpress’ team as the first UI and UX designer. A lot of great things are on their way in the next few months as I am working as fast as I can to deliver a more intuitive and smoother experience for you. I sincerely hope you will enjoy these improvements.

As far as the Content Editor goes, I wrote down your feedback and will refer to it as soon as I start working on this section.

I hope we will get to exchange more on ideas and ways to improve Botpress along the way !