Content Element Audit

Hie folks,

Over the years building bots I have noticed that I end up invariably having a span of content elements that are not being used by flows. Please implement a way to flag all content elements which are not being used by flows so that they can either be deleted or investigated.


Hi DigiSenseiZim,

First off, thanks for the feedback!

Iā€™m guessing you see this as an issue when you get to larger bots (more than a couple hundred content elements and flows).

Something is currently in the works, that is going to help better navigate the flows and content elements in larger bots. Stay posted.


Thanks a span. Yes these bots usually get huge when a client sees the capabilities that are there. I had one which grew from six flows to forty-two in the space of a week. Navigating becomes cumbersome. I am glad you guys are working on this.

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