Converse API: What else than text?


we use the converse API to use our own chat frontend together with botpress.

My question, is it possible to send something else than a message text to the bot by using the converse API?

I have some buttons which have a visible text and a hidden 8 digit long id and I have to send the id to the bot by clicking the button, because we have to use this id as a param for an API call to get the correct result.

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The visible part is the text of the link, but internally we have to use the ID which is an attribute of the button.

Thanks in advance


Hi You can use quick replies or dropdown for the same:

var dat = { title: dats, value: dats }

let data = {
  choices: dates,
  typing: false,
  listType: 'listDates'
var more = { title: 'More', value: 'More1' }
const payloads = await bp.cms.renderElement('builtin_single-choice', data, event)
await, payloads)


In ‘dat’ object , use ‘value’ for your backend.

Something like this


you can get the value in RAW JSON emulator:

it comes under the JSON part

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Thanks for your answer. Is that format that you used in dat working with the conversion API as well?

Your answer helps me definitely to understand how to render a builtin_single-choice.
That is something that I tried yesterday on my own without success. :slight_smile:

@FrankDaze : I have used that in actions. Works in web channels

To answer my own initial question:

Unfortunately the Botpress converse API is only accepting type: “text” and nothing else.

I need to send a payload to the bot, so I’m trying now to use the channel-web api with our own middleware.


I agree with you, it’s a bit sad that converse api doesn’t let you send anything else than text. You can use the channel-web api but it’s quite not documented, le me know if you need some help.