Creating categories for content types

I’m looking for a way to Categorize content types.

I’ve looked at the help file on content types. But it seems that the only way to create the referenced content type for e.g. a menu is to create a duplicate of an existing module or new module.

Content Type Category - I.e. all messages used for Email Skill
For instance if I’d create a lot of email messages & their subjects as text objects. I would easily hit 100+ text messages in one Bot to manage 50 email messages. Each email has 2 text objects which makes managing them in Botpress less practical over time. As the email message will become disconnected from it’s subject one it is unused in a flow.

To display email items separately for context and discovery I’d have to copy and register the text module for each category.

I’ve looked at a [forum post] (Custom content type) which describes how to create modules. And links to this nice article about Botpress Content types and modules.

It seems to be a very long way to just categorize info when you are not changing how the content type you are using works. And it will work rather poorly if a category is comprised of more than one content type.

Category for each flow containing it’s Content types
For building out larger bots it will be much easier if each flow can have a category with all of it’s content types.

And viewing all email text types for one flow or all flows would be very useful.

Right now just about any thing the bot says or sends is a text item.
For my use-case I will have at least 52-500 unique content pieces when I count them the way Botpress does.

Category for Unused Content Types
I’m worried that it will become really hard to keep track of all the disparate messages in the future.

Alternative Solution
Initially I intended to create smaller bots to cope with this. But I don’t see any way to transfer between bots in Botpress.