Custom skill get nlu entities

currently I am working on an custom skill, which requests the users as long as it successfully extracts an entity value and stores it into a variable.
The skill works, but for a better user experience, I would like to provide an Select element instead of an Input. For this I need to load all current defined ‘entities’ and pass it as option to the Select element.

Unfortunately I am not sure how to get them. Based on the docs, I assume this should work:
this.props.bp.axios.get('/mod/nlu/entities').then(ents => console.log(ents))

But I receive an 404 Error, which is strange to me.

Because the url is valid, at least when I tried it via web-browser. If I request the url by browser, na 401 - Auth error occurs, which is fine to me.


Hey @whati001

Have you tried removing the /mod prefix? e.g. this.props.bp.axios.get('/nlu/entities').then(ents => console.log(ents))

If that fails, which version of Botpress are you using?

Hi @spgin

hmmmm, maybe I have used an older version of botpress.
But thx with v12.13.0 it works perfectly without mod prefix:

this.props.bp.axios.get('/nlu/entities').then(ents => console.log(ents))

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Hi @whati001,

I confirm, I’m the one to blame for this mess:

I indeed moved the entities persistency inside the core instead of the nlu module in Botpress 12.11.

Glad you found your way out of this problem!

Thanks for contributing to the forum,


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