Default response

I am trying to achieve like when a user types something if it matches with either workflow or qna then it will give response accordingly but if none of them matches then respond to a default message like " Sorry I couldn’t understand " something like that.

Hi Rishabhh17,

This can be accomplished when you define transitions in your node. Usually there is one node that waits for intents to be elected by the NLU and then acts- I like to call it the “Intent Listener.” If no intents are matched, you can transition to a node with an error message like below.

@Gordon_Clark Thanks for your reply, my use case is like when a user types something that is not there in QnA not in NLU, but the bot will respond like (“Sorry I didnt understand that”) instead of freezing. Like now when a user typed something that is not mentioned it gets freeze and reflect a bad impression on user. So Is there any code or something which first look for NLU and QnA if matches then give the response otherwise give fallback response like (“Sorry Please rephrase it again”).

Hie @Rishabhh ,

I don’t think you need code here. Suppose your workflow depends entirely on intents, an excellent conversational design skill that allows for separation of concerns. In that case, you can listen and act on a no intent scenario using the flow-wide transition.

You can check for intent and if it exists, store it in a temp variable so that it persists throughout your workflow. After that, create a flow-wide transition that fires when the variable in question is empty.

@Michael_BotpressTeam Not every time user ask as I mention in intents or in qna. So when a user types something that is bot not trained for then how it will respond instead of getting freeze.