Deploying in a previously SSL certified VPS

Hi there!

Now, I’ll gonna dig into deploy BP in production. Despite other ways to do it, I’m trying run Botpress as a Nodejs app in a PM2 stack. My VPS already have a functional SSL cert, a Nginx HTML running and a Postgres as the DB of choice.

To start simple, I upload/unziped everything to /etc/BP/12102 and runs ‘./bp’. In the console everything’s fine for the first time.

But when I try to access :3000, the browser shows me an error message:

I tried to change my nginx.conf file using this info, but it didn’t worked:

If I try to reach my server using just the IP adress, without SSL, everything runs ok and I can get into the console of Botpress.

Any clue for me?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, I know: a good clue is to use the Docker image, but I’m just want to make this way work :slight_smile:


After a lot come and go, and reading a lot of BP’s docs, I managed to make my production BP have all of their production’s checklist working ok.

But the problem with SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG persists.

So, please, maintain this topic as is: I’m still struggling with that.


Hi @LuizCesarLeite,

Can you confirm nginx is listening on port 443, redirecting queries to :3000? In this case, this looks like we’ll need help from the internet, as it is not related to Botpress itself; I expect you found this already?

Hi @Maxime_Joannette! Nice to read from you.

The link that showed was the first one that I found with quality info, and I read it carefully. More than that, I look at all .conf files of my config to check the setups and didn’t found the answer.

I understand that seems a SSL misconfiguration, but only Botpress is having this problem. In this server I have a mail server, a Postgres server that I use pgAdmin4 to acess, and everything is running fine with HTTPS.

Can you confirm nginx is listening on port 443, redirecting queries to :3000

I don’t know how to do it but I’m gonna search how.

Thanks again.

I gave up on it, I made a call for professional help.

Please, close this thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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