Detecting Arabic Language

Hello guys,

I am working on a bot, and I am trying to detect the language the user is typing in.
I am using variable (event.nlu.language), when it is equal to ‘en’ then the user is typing in English.

I am facing a problem with Arabic language detection ‘ar’. The bot is not detecting Arabic for some reason.

How to overcome this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Muenze,

The bot will only detect the language configured on the bot config page.

Setting more than one language per bot is a pro feature.

Let me know if that helps.

Happy bot building

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@jbperron Thanks for your response!
What about localization?

Hi Muenze,

Are you talking about localization of the webchat or of the studio?


Hi JB @jbperron,

What I meant is the ability of the bot to respond in multiple languages.
I don’t mean defining 2 paths for 2 languages, but 1 path that has localization( or internationalization) that is capable of responding to multiple languages, say Arabic and English.

Hi Muenze,

In community edition, 1 language per bot.
In pro edition, you can set multiple languages per bot, all you need to do is provide translations for each supported language. This includes localization.

Hope this is clear, if you want more info about the pro edition feel free to reach out through the webform.

Best Regards,

Hi @jbperron,

Thanks again for your fast response.
Can you please share the pricing model for the pro version?
The current pricing link seems to be not working


You can use the request Demo form, It’s the same that is usually available through the pricing page.