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Hello everyone,

I started using botpress this month, I am totally beginner with chatbots at all. I want to test different chatbots on a website and a channel in Slack. So, I’ve created a bot and uploaded it on DigitalOcean (is that necessary?). But I get a notification “No language Enabled”. The language tab had the English lang (I deleted it after some tries) and also a message that says “Using lang server at http://lang:3100”. There is a link (Hosting · | Developer's Guide) also, which I follow, do every step but nothing happens.

I need some clarifications-guidance:

  • What are the steps after the local initialization of the bot, to deploy it on a website or a platform?
  • Do I need to use the open-source version?
  • The “hosting” tab in documentation (Hosting · | Developer's Guide) has a batch of different cases, which one should I follow?


Hi @EvanMath, welcome on the forum.

If it’s “just to try” you can do it on your own machine locally (no one except you can use it but it’s the fastest way to try).

On digital Ocean (or other providers) people will be able to check and test your bot.

For the language server there are two options :

  1. Use the public botpress language server (your sentence will be send, analyzed and returned via http)
  2. Use a local copy of the botpress language server (data will stay on the same machine).

I guess you wanted to use 2) but then you need to download at least one language for it to be able to run. Because you’re running it locally you need to manually download the languages you want to use (else botpress would be too big).

To do so, launch everything as you did, go into the admin panel => Languages => Download one of your choice.

Hope it helps, have a great day and happy building :robot:

Hey @PierreSnell, thank you for your reply.

Well, I have followed every step in the documentation for the offline language server, but the bot I have in the DigitalOcean still gives the same error. The documentation says that if someone deploys the bot on the DigitalOcean, there is no need to set up the language server.

Anyway, if it possible could you please write down what are the steps I should follow in order to build a bot for production?


Hi @EvanMath, you don’t need a local language server as we provide a public one.

Just be sure that in your botpress_folder/out/bp/data/global/config/nlu.json you have

"languageSources": [
      "endpoint": ""

You will then be able to use our public language server.

I hope it helps,
Have a great day

Thank you, I figured it out.

could we setup our own language server on cloud instead of using botpress’s public one?
and does the language servers have any translation fucntions?

Hi @rezwanahmed,

Yes, you can host your own language server, it supports many languages (more than 100).

All the infos and documentation are here.

Hope it helps,
Have a great day

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