Does not return value in messenger channel

Hello ,
i want to sent some value from custom action to messenger channel.
my custom action code ,does not return value in messenger channel but return value in emulator .
let’s me know , how to return value or how to write code from messenger channel .

Thank you for helping me !

Hi @Maria_Maria,

Is the value from the custom action also a custom component/content type? You might want to look into the rendering functions for Messenger ( if that value is something other than text.

If that value is a string, is your custom action sending an event to the chat, for example with

  await, [message])

Let us know if you figure out your issue!

Happy Building :robot:

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i want to add video for messenger channel but does not show in messenger.
pls .

You should look into Facebook for this:

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Hi @Maria_Maria, have you figured out a way to do this?

I am trying to perform the same action but unable to do so.