Entities component broken in studio

The entities component in Botpress Studio has randomly broken for me.
I was editing custom transitions in a Flow and went to check something in an Entity and received the following:

“An error occured while loading the component”
“m is undefined”

I’ve tried stopping and restarting the server, as well as reloading the page and navigating away and back to it. This happens whenever I select any entity from my list of entities. As best I can tell the entity JSON files look fine.

This is on Botpress 12.3.1.
I will try exporting my bot and importing to a fresh install of 12.4.2

a fresh install (of 12.4.2) and import has fixed the issue.

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And this has now happened on my 12.4.2 install…

Does anyone have any idea what the cryptic message “m is undefined” means?

@nathanielgranor any error logs on the server?