Error loading Custom Component in Composer or Below Location

I have compiled the custom component example, but I get the following error:
Error while loading overrides r [n] .map is not a function

At the time of launching it on the website.

window.botpressWebChat.init ({
  host: '',
  botId: 'custom',
  // There are only two possible overrides for the moment.
  overrides: {
    // For now, the composer is the only component which is editable. It represents the zone where the user is typing
    composer: {
      // Name of the module, as declared in package.json
      module: 'custom-component',
      // The name of your exported component. It must be in your lite view: `/ views / lite / index.jsx`
      component: 'Composer'
    // You can use this override to inject your component and interact with the web chat. Make it invisible by returning null
    below_conversation: {
      module: 'custom-component',
      component: 'InjectedBelow'

I use Botpress 12.7.1 win64

Somebody could help me.

Hi Champi,

please try:

overrides: {
    composer: [
        module: 'custom-component',
        component: 'Composer'

composer needs to be an array.


@hillterence007 Thanks for you support.

I need other support. I have send message but, onSendData function not exist in the this.props.onSendData.

Do you have idea?