External CSS ( using frontend file css instead of botpress default.css)

Hi , i have edited CSS file for botpress and integrated bot on react website. mine bot is working fine with react site. now what i want is i want my bot css file to run from react index.

i have copied all my css and pasted it to a new file in frontend(react website) index.html. i want my bot to fetch or use css from that file. how can i integrate it ?

Hi @robinrao, there’s a couple of examples on how to customize the webchat here: https://github.com/botpress/botpress/blob/master/modules/channel-web/assets/examples/embedded-webchat.html

Basically, you just need to add the extraStylesheet property to add your custom CSS to the webchat.

@robinrao As mentioned earlier by @allardy you can use a custom style sheet in extraStylesheet property for this purpose. Please checkout below tutorial for more information.