Facebook Messenger callback vs postback variable name

Any reason why the facebook messenger postback variable is named ‘callback’ instead?

I was trying to debug a reason why a custom middleware wasn’t working for a carousel based on the example in the docs. Worked on web but not on messenger. After crawling the source code I realized it was named differently.

Hey @maybeno,

I can’t tell you the specific reason why the name callback was used instead of postback in the case of the Messenger integration.

While the tutorial you mentioned (https://botpress.io/docs/tutorials/carousel-postback) is only geared toward the Web channel, this tutorial does not guarantee that the postback feature will work with the Messenger integration.

I’m sorry you lost time debugging this issue.

Have a nice day!

Ya totally understandable. This is also just a note to anyone else who may come across it. Maybe state in the docs that it is for the Web channel only too? Just incase other modules have similar differences in their postback logic.