Few Utterances show incorrect results

I’m having 2 flows in the bot to work on checking regression status and another one checking teamcity project status.

I’ve introduced the pattern for fethcing the branch name “(\w*.)$”

With this introduction there are couple of issues I started to face:

  1. QnA module for single word stopped working

  2. Few utterances stopped working
    e.g. status of api regression
    tell me the status of api regression
    is the workflows regression running?

Here the entities are fetched correctly but its going to teamcity flow instead of regression flow

Utterances macthing the “Regression” as operation type in entities but unable to resolve slot goes for invalid flow ( teamcity flow)

  1. What is the status of crediting regression
    Here no slots are getting detected or incorrect slot value

I can share my bot code. Can you please help me fix these issues?

I’m using botpress v 12.1.3