File or Image upload feature in Botpress

I have a requirement to add file / Image upload feature in my Chatbot.

Is there any technical feature available to add file upload functionality

@kramachandranmfxserv Hello, there is a basic file upload mechanism, but it’s really not well documented. You need to send a choice skill to the user, with buttons having a specific payload

@allardy Hi thanks , I tried above solution.
It shows the upload button,able to browse and select image.But It is not getting uploaded,shows the same.

It gets stuck in that choice node after selection,unable to process further.

In command prompt, I get this message " waiting until next event{ botId: ‘upload-file’ },2m"
Is there any location/path where the image/files are getting stored.
Any help regarding file/image upload ,would be grateful.

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Hi, try get new version (^12.0.4) this bug has been fixed.


Hi @AVoronovEY,
Thanks its resolved my problem.
I tried with latest version, files are saving in upload folder but the problem is its not jumping to next node after successful image upload. its gets stuck in the same choice node. Please do help

So, can u screen this part of flow and copy here logs from console?

Flow diagram:
Added simple node to print a message after uploading image.

bp:dialog (upload-file) [hcPhu4wYFvvUHAcNsUfh] waiting until next event{ botId: ‘upload-file’ }, +7ms

And in skill editor u have smth like this?


@AVoronovEY Yes same like above.


Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this issue?

what would be the path for uploading file ? how can i used to upload a file with apic all

Your skill doesn’t seems to be correct. It’s missing the on failure node:

What version are you using ?

I followed every step but every time I upload (either a simple file or an image) I only get this message at the console “transit (skills/choice-fde20b.flow.json) [sorry] -> [parse]{ botId: ‘teste’ }” and the configured error message is displayed and file upload is presented again. What am I missing?

I tried both on version 12.7.1 and 12.6.0

I’m facing the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution for this?

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Update: Found a solution. You can add keyword “Uploaded a file” in the choice match which will then be matched with the result returned after uploading the file. This will keep the flow continuing.

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If anyone can help me to know how to attach the uploaded file in sending mail activity?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve found the uploaded files with these names, May anyone explains it to me?
and how to make use of these files again throw the flow.

Follwing this thread :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate this.