Gallery Carousel Button Click Action

I found that in each Carousel we can only click one postback action even when there is more than one card only the first one work when I click the button of postback action, I want to loop that whenever users click different action, it should work with the respective event that we create in the custom code not just once. Do I need to go create a looping over switch statement?

Hi @toeyadanar, I hope you are well! Did you check the documentation:

In your screenshot, you use event.type === callback, but I believe it should be postback according to the documentation example.

Let me know if I can help with something else.

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In case someone finds this, we might want to add that to our documentation, actually; callback is the event type sent by Messenger, rather than the postback the web-channel sends.


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Thanks @Maxime_Joannette for clarifying this!

Yes @marcmerce Actually I am using both callback and postback but I wonder is if I have 3 card in the carousel , I can only click one button after that the othe button postback action won’t work anymore