Get username in Converse API

I don’t know, if there is opportunity to get username in Converse API in response. In documentation we have rule how to make POST-request: POST /api/v1/bots/{botId}/converse/{userId}. In response structure ‘user’ is empty. Any ideas?

Hey @annenkov.alexander

There is no concept of username in Botpress. Users only exist by their userId.

If you want to map a userId to a username, you will have to either create a custom module for your needs, or store the mapping outside of Botpress (in an external database, for example) and retrieve the username from within your application.

Hope this helps!

Hi spgin!

 How can I get userId then?

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Hi @annenkov.alexander

Please look into Using of Converse API

There is no info how to get UserId back from post-response