Hability of insert multiple content ids on "say something" value

Currently a node on mode “say something” allows you to insert text or the id of the content. what about let it be multiple content ids to be sent in order.

this way we can send for example: an image and text (two content elements) from a “say something” card action, istead of having a complex payload handler.

just a suggestion

@RobertoE91 Thanks for the feedback. Can you give an example of use case for that? And explain how this is different from creating a node with multiple content element (On Entry/Say something). Cheers!

Hi yes sure,

Use case example:
imagine i have a return-to-mainMenu content element (Text and button) wish i want to use in every end of flow:

now one of the flows has a card element
When the user selects the first option “Tipos de ahorro” i want to send the information in a text content element and then the return-to-mainMenu content element. (just two content elements in a row)

i have two options to handle this:

1- make the button a payload action, then create a payload handler (code editor), then create a transition condidion in the main entry node to redirect to a node with two content elements.

2- make the button a say-something action and somehow merge the information with the back to menu element (don’t work for me)

and maybe the solution for this:

1- Be able to wrap multiple content element under a single content id and use this id in say-something
2- Be able to insert multiple content ids in the say-something action