Heroku Database Postgres


I pushed my Bot to Heroku and switched the database to Postgres. I installed Postico in order to manage the database, however I cannot find any data tables with stored information on Postico. Would you recommend another app than Postico, or do you have an indication as to what could be the problem?

Thank you,

Hey @alinewaeber !

Postico looks totally fine as a Postgresql client.

Are you sure the tables are created when your Botpress cluster starts? You can see if the tables are being created by inspecting the server logs:


Also, make sure you are connected to the correct database on Postico. If you are not seeing any tables in Postico, it is possible that you may be connected to the wrong database in your Postgresql instance.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! I did not enter the Heroku DATABASE config variables in Postico, which is why it did not connect. Everything is working now. Thanks.