Hide password/ sensitive data enters

Hi! Im a begginer developer and currently running a bot to practice my skills. I got a node in my bot flow that I intent to build a login feature, so I think it would be a good practice to hide the user’s password.

I know there’s a topic called “Prevent storing sensitive information” in the Botpress documentation but I wasn’t able to implement it, could you guys help me understand it? Thanks.

Note: Sorry if i madea vocabulary mistake, my english is in progress.

Hey @matt_mvl ,

Everything related to “Prevent storing sensitive information” will concern the ability to not store sensitive information in the database.

However, I don’t think there’s anyway to hide the password inside the webchat or emulator.

What we usually do when a bot needs some login, is a node that sends the URL of a google login page, or any other external page. We then catch the result of the login with a callback URL. The bot then proceed with different nodes weither or not the login was successfull.

To learn more about google sign-in, you can start your reading here.

Hope this information helps,


Hello @frank_levasseur, thanks for reply.

Got it, i’ll check the information and try to build it in my bot, thank you a lot.


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