HITL Next conversation is not displayed

After pressing the “Assign me” button, the conversation disappeared, but I receive a message, this can be seen on the handoffs panel.

Hi @shelldon99,

Can you let me know what Botpress version you are using?
Also when the conversation disappear can you see some failed api call in you browser developper console?



Hello @Seb,
I use version 12.22.2
Yes, on post method i got this error:

But when I set the status offline the conversation is displayed

I found that when a problem occurs, it happens when assigning a handoff from:’,
if assigning from:’ it works fine
Any idea how to fix that?

Hello. I am working with the HILT Next module, when I go to the emulator, with this version it deactivates the chat text box within this module and the flow ends and in the log it gives me the following message . With the version 12.22.2

06/16/2021 15:32:07.477  bp:dialog (tecnobot) [xqptMiFSZ1kOS-8Mi4Ouq0NI] render element "#!builtin_text-227gYA" { botId: 'tecnobot' }, +4ms
06/16/2021 15:32:07.482  bp:dialog (tecnobot) [xqptMiFSZ1kOS-8Mi4Ouq0NI] execute action "hitlnext/handoff" { botId: 'tecnobot' }, +4ms
06/16/2021 15:32:07.528  bp:dialog (tecnobot) [xqptMiFSZ1kOS-8Mi4Ouq0NI] ending flow { botId: 'tecnobot' }, +53ms
06/16/2021 15:32:18.397 Mod[channel-web] Unsupported event type: quick_reply
06/16/2021 15:32:18.438 Mod[channel-web] Unsupported event type: postback