HITL not showing full recent conversations, and not live

When using the HITL interface in the botpress admin panel for our bot, the HITL is not showing the full extent of some users conversations and is also not showing things live all the time, it seems to be working at some points (the live chat) and for some users, however this is not always the case. Sometimes a hard refresh and emptying of the cache in the browser can fix it but not always. The main problem is the lack of showing all / the recent chat history correctly. Can anyone help us fix this or know what may be causing it?

I’m also experiencing a similar issue where if I have the conversation open in the screen in front of me it will auto update to show recent messages. But if I refresh or just choose a different conversation then go back, it will not show those messages (that i just saw!).

very odd behavior and it only seems to affect a few of my test conversations that are quite long so I’m wondering if there is a conversation message limit that I can adjust maybe?

Same issue on my side… can’t seem to find the reason. In fact the missing conversation seem to show when connecting on admin from another IP…

I have the same issue, do you have a solution?

Good news all, after speaking with botpress enterprise i believe they are implementing some changes in the one of the upcoming git releases, so keep an eye out for HITL changes :smiley:

Just relaying what ive heard back from botpress recently!

Hope everyone gets this solved on the release, including me :smiley:

just to clarify my initial post regarding the error:

  • live conversations do display when conversation HITL window is active
  • Once I switch from one conversation to another (on HITL dashboard) and return to the inital conversation, all the recent messages disappear… last messages displayed are somehow from the previous day
  • Equally, if conversation HITL window is not active, conversation does not get updated once I click on the conversation ID on HITL. Yet I still see the live message feed just underneath conversation ID
  • Seems to happen when the conversation contains more than one day of messages

I want to test one thing -> systematically delete all previous day conversation and start from scratch all HITL conversation everyday. Does anybody know how to do it on botpress? Been checking config, but could not find the right setting…

That or if you have some other short-term solution, I would appreciate.