Hot to take changed Github src files to production

Hi, I’m using the binary version of Botpress already installed and working in an Nginx server. The process of installing and running it was very simple.

Locally I installed Botpress from Github to change some icons and strings from the channel web module.

My doubt is:
To take these changed files to production, should I use the binary version and replace the files in /data/assets/modules?

Or is there another way like taking all files from the src version inside /out/bp/ folder (except src files of course)?

What is the proper way to do this?

Hi, bumping this up - I would be interested in the best practices for this.

Currently thinking of maintaining everything in my own git (including bp binary and all).

Any help greatly appreciated,


Hi @danieljbento , there are two types of components I see in your deployment.

First, the bot specific items such as intents, entities, content, flow, media etc. And to deploy all of these items simply copy paste your ‘data’ folder.

Second, the changes done in core channel-web module which shouldn’t be copied as is because then you won’t be able to upgrade easily. After every upgrade you need to ensure making the changes again in the core module.
Ideally you should extend the core module by creating a custom module following the approach provided in documentation.

Cheers !