How can i change the chat widget icon?

Hey all,

The Bot Avatar in Avatar & Cover picture tab of Bot Configuration changed the bot avatar inside my chat window. And i thought the Cover Picture is for the chat widget icon but when i uploaded my image, nothing changed.

So how can i change the widget icon?

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

you have to overwrite the css class ‘.bpw-widget-btn’ written in default style sheet, in your own stylesheet , and put up the image url you want to give. It is prefferable that you keep your image in the required size. Keep the image in channel-web/assets/images folder. It will work fine.

Hi @pry181192,
Thanks for replying!

I tried what you suggested and it did work with the below css code.
.bpw-widget-btn {
background:url(./images/custom-widget-icon.png) no-repeat;
But, I also had to edit the \data\assets\modules\channel-web\web\lite.bundle.js inorder to remove the svg icon that was overlapping my image.

Thanks again!