How chatbot learn from past experience

Can chatbot learn from past experience by itself…because AI enabled chatbot can learn from past inputs and questions…if it learn please give me steps.thanks

How my chatbot learn from past interaction


If you’re talking about memory I invite you to look at our doc :

This helps to remember what the user said before.
E.g :

  • [user] Hello I want to book a flight to Paris
  • [bot] Fine, for which dates
  • [user] 2 august
  • [bot] Ok I booked a flight to Paris for the 2 August

If it’s not what you were looking for can you precise what you want to learn ? And what is past experience ?

Have a good day, happy building :robot:

@PierreSnell ---- @Vish is asking if the bots can be trained with the previous conversations. He is basically talking about training the bot itself rather than ‘User’,'temp; & bot variables. Please help if we can do something like this.

@vish : Correct me if i am wrong about your query

You are right@PierreSnell

For examlpe, if i type who is CEO of apple and obviously bot will not answer first time,

but when i tell him tim cook is ceo of apple. Then next time when i will ask he will answer.


The best thing to handle that actually are entities in the NLU module. You can also create slots or custom hooks depending of your usecase.


For now botpress is oriented for low-data users, which means you cannot give a conversation log. However you can convert your conversation in pairs utterance/intents in the good format (check /data/bots/your_bot/intents/my_intent.json).

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Thanks @swetangkashyap . I already working with intents, entities and slots and it works very well.