How does Botpress compare to Rasa?

Is there a comparison page somewhere that compares the major differences between Rasa vs Botpress? I’ve been looking around and it seems like the main things are:

  • Openness of the companies behind it
  • Language
  • UI (Botpress is more visual)
  • Speed

Rasa seems like a more open company with less restrictive licenses. After contacting Botpress support it seems like they force you to upgrade the community version to Enterprise after a certain point (min $15K/mo) which seems expensive and much more restrictive. Can someone help clarify this?

I really want to love Botpress but there are some concerns about being bucketed in with enterprise budgets as a startup.

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Hi @fandy, thanks for participating on the forum.

On the “language” point of view, botpress and rasa are performing quite the same but botpress have a slightly better slot extraction.

In general, Botpress will be more user friendly whereas rasa is more data scientist oriented.

For sure both are open source, free, we do not force any upgrading and the community version is and will always be free.

If the community features are enough for you, you can use it as much as you want for free. However, if you want to use some of the enterprise features then you should contact the sales.
(Here is the comparative between our community and enterprise version.)

I hope it’s clarifying most of your questions and we’re always happy to help if something is not clear :slight_smile:

Have a great day and happy chatbot building !


Hi @fandy,

Welcome to the community.

We have programs for startups, non-profits, open-source and academic institutions.

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Hi Andy (@fandy),

Most of your views are correct. I have used both Rasa and Botpress for quite sometime and here are my thoughts on this comparison.

  1. Botpress is a low code platform and provides an admin dashboard to configure various items whereas Rasa doesn’t have any admin dashboard and all configurations are done via command line or file changes.
    If you are looking for simple QnA, default supported channels, mainly default content types but your custom flow, go agead for Botpress as it will let you achieve a fast go to market time.
    In case you want more flexibility in back end development, I personally would suggest Rasa as it’s easy in terms of development structure and complexity.

  2. Underlying frameworks are totally different, Botpress based on NodeJS and other JS libraries whereas Rasa based on Python.
    You might have a preference here based on your tech ecosystem or type of use case development.

  3. Channels and integrations are nearly similar in both.

  4. Training of the bot follows different approaches and Rasa provides a better control here.
    Botpress has an ultimate designer solution with easy drag and drop and you can quickly configure desired flow, qna etc. for the bot.
    However Rasa provides Rasa-X which gives you UI based facility to test and train the bot on the go and it’s really very useful for non technical folks.

  5. Flexibility of customisation and extension is a very critical factor and differentiator.
    Rasa scores better in terms of flexibility to customize with ease. Botpress also provides from technology viewpoint however I found it a bit complex as compared with Rasa.

Let me know in case you have anything specific in mind and we may discuss further.



Thanks for the analysis @saurabh.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on our solution over a quick call.

Feel free to reach out

Thanks for expanding on that @saurabh .

I’m looking to build something like Replika, where there can be many, possibly dynamic flows. It seems like the Botpress UI is best suited for smaller flows. Is that right? Both are still very similar feature wise, except Rasa X’s Conversation Driven Design which I couldn’t find with Botpress.

Could you expand on:

Rasa scores better in terms of flexibility to customize with ease. Botpress also provides from technology viewpoint however I found it a bit complex as compared with Rasa.

Is Rasa is more suitable for advanced use-cases?

@PierreSnell I actually contacted sales and they told me that you must upgrade to Enterprise if you’re yielding any business value. This means as soon as we launch, as long as we’re charging money for customers to use the chatbot, we need to start paying $15K min. Is this true or was there a misunderstanding? We’re a small startup so this part of Botpress is very limiting vs Rasa.

Are there any limits in terms of node or performance that make it hard to host Botpress on-prem? Sales also told me the Enterprise plan is necessary because only that version supports high traffic.

Hi @fandy ,

We have programs in place for startups to match your business needs.
I have sent you an email with more details. I would love to hear more about your project and see how we can best help get your chatbot project of the ground.

A single on-prem node of Botpress OSS can reach sizeable scale, it is benchmarked regularly to maximise performance.

Looking forward to talking with you


Thanks Jean (@jbperron), it will be nice to connect sometime.

I have started working on Botpress from about a month only and its an innovative solution in the world of chatbots. Nice efforts by the whole Botpress community.

Currently, I am working on a custom module to bring additional media types support in Botpress. But with limited NodeJS and similar frameworks hands-on I am struggling a bit :slight_smile:

Cheers !

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@fandy, Yes, that is right Botpress admin UI is very good to develop workflows but I would say its also good for having multiple workflows based on your categorization of overall logic.

Regarding flexibility of customization, I actually meant two points. First and important is regarding any specific feature for which you are forced to upgrade to paid version and second is underlying programming language. I personally found writing custom Python code a bit easier than writing nodejs (or similar) code pieces. Specially when my needs didn’t get fulfilled by custom action and I am developing a custom module in Botpress for my ongoing project.

Also, I feel that there is a need to update Botpress documentation from viewpoint of beginners as currently its a bit challenging whenever it comes to customization. @jbperron This will also help to attract more contributors to this community.

I hope with time Botpress will have more modules, content types and channels as part of the core itself.

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Thanks very much @saurabh and @fandy for the post and questions. I just wanted to chime in here and say that we take startups and small companies very seriously and we want to make Botpress the best choice for you.

Seems like the documentation, website and sales process is a bit misleading and we will take the necessary actions to make it better!